Supporting Your Fitness Routine at Home

Starting and maintaining a fitness routine can be challenging, particularly when you’re a parent and have little time for yourself or you have a demanding job. When having difficulties committing to a workout, many people hire a trainer or join a gym for support, but before you do, try turning to your home for support. The following tips will help you commit to your fitness routine.

Set intentions and clarify your purpose. What was your intention when you started your fitness routine? Was it to feel better about your body, to get fit, release stress, increase your energy? We are much more apt to follow through with our fitness practice when we are reminded of our higher purpose. Create written intentions for your routine that are anchored in your purpose. For example, “I am easily and joyfully working out three times a week and gratefully experiencing a healthy body and unbounded energy” or “My body is becoming healthier and stronger as I lose weight and become more toned.” You can even write down specific intentions like how many pounds you’d like to lose or how many miles you’d like to be able to run, just make sure your goals are attainable in the timeframe and with the routine you have planned. Place those intentions somewhere in your home where you can see them or if you don’t want them in view of others, place them in a box and place that box somewhere you will see it everyday. Every time you look at your intentions, you will be reminded of your higher purpose.

Create flow in your environment. Make it easy to follow through with your routine by being able to easily find what you need for your fitness activity. Even the uncertainty that you might not know where something is, will make us avoid a task. So if each day you aren’t sure when your class starts, or where your gym bag is, you will procrastinate and avoid it. If you have to negotiate things toppling out on top of you from a disorganized closet just to get to your yoga mat or tennis racquet, you will be less apt to motivate. Organize and place whatever you need to support your fitness routine somewhere it’s readily available and easy to access.

Create visual inspirations. Place objects and reminders in your home that inspire you to maintain your workout routine. It may be as simple as the gym class schedule on your refrigerator door; or it may be more creative and subtle, like placing a picture of you feeling healthy, strong and happy on your desk.

Surround yourself with inspiration. Everything in our environment is made up of energy and that energy is affecting us so make sure you love everything in your home and that it all lifts your energy and boosts your spirit. In every room of your home there should be at least one object that inspires you, whether it’s an artwork, fresh flowers, a bowl of healthy fruit or photograph of yourself feeling healthy and fit. One way to improve your overall energy is to get rid of those things that are not inspirational by clearing clutter. Clutter can make you feel discouraged and disorganized and waste your time and energy. It is amazing how much more energy we free up when we let go of all the things in our surrounding that are no longer serving us. For example, holding onto clothes that you hope to fit into “one” day. If you start your day by staring at clothes that you make you feel out of shape, you may be hurting your self-esteem and therefore be less inspired to workout. Of course, for some people seeing those clothes is an inspiration to get fit. It’s personal—so check in with yourself to see how you feel about the things you surround yourself with and interact with daily. By clearing clutter, you are making physical, emotional, and mental space for the things you enjoy, like your fitness routine.

Simplify and prioritize. Being disorganized or feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do can making committing to a workout more difficult. If finding enough time for your practice is an issue, then try this “inner clutter clearing” exercise: write down all the things that are on your mind from small tasks to big dreams. Look at your list to see where you expend your energy and evaluate what is really important. Is the amount of time you spend on certain activities in alignment with how important it is? If taking care of your body by being consistent with a fitness routine is important, then make it a priority. This may mean letting go of other things that are taking up a lot of your time, but may not be as important to you at this particular time in your life.

Create sacred space. If you exercise at home, create an area where you can work out easily. Re-arranging the furniture every time you want to work out may become annoying after a while. If space is limited, try to position furniture to minimize the need for re-arranging each time you work out. Make sure you love the area where you do your routine. Place something there that you love to look at or makes you feel good so when you look at that area you feel drawn to spending time there. Make a sacred space for yourself—create a blessing table; keep fresh flowers, play your favorite music etc… surround yourself with the things that inspire you and make you feel nurtured.

Change the energy. If what you are currently doing isn’t working then try something different. If you are having a hard time sticking to your routine, you may need to change the energy in your home. Perform an energy cleansing, which may be as simple as cleaning your home and opening all the windows or spritzing your home with water mixed with essential oils. You may also try moving things around in your home—there is an expression in Feng Shui: move 27 things in your home and your life will change. Just try something to shake things up.

Accept Yourself Now. Develop an attitude of self-acceptance and gratitude. Treat yourself lovingly and make it a practice to think positively during your routines. Your body, mind and spirit will be most nurtured if you are loving with yourself while you work out. Accept where your body, mind and emotions are today and be grateful for having a healthy body that can perform a workout routine.

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