Bringing Nature Indoors: Using Plants to Enhance and Cleanse your Home

During the cool winter months we tend to spend more time indoors and can often feel disconnected to nature. Houseplants are a great way to combat the “winter blues” by bringing the outdoors inside. In Feng Shui, plants create harmony in our environment by uplifting and circulating the energy. A healthy plant is a beautiful reminder of nature and enhances any area of your home.

In addition to being beautiful and attracting energy, plants may also clean the air we breathe. A drawback to cooler weather is that we are less likely to open our windows and the air in our homes becomes stagnant and unhealthy. Indoor air pollutants can cause asthma, fatigue, respiratory problems and headaches. Formaldehyde, found in household items such as draperies, mattress ticking, particleboard, fabrics and permanent press clothing, is an example of a common indoor air pollutant. Some plants may actually remove pollutants from the air. Plants are also believed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields that emanate from appliances and computers and are therefore excellent additions to kitchens and offices.

According to scientist Dr. B.C Wolverton, author of How to Grow Fresh Air, the following houseplants help remove indoor air pollutants:

Medium to Low Light:
Peace Lily
Dracaena (Janet Craig)
Corn Plant
English Ivy
Medium to High light:
Rubber Plant
Bamboo Palm
Areca Palm
Boston Fern
Flowering Plants – Full sun
Gerbera Daisy
Wax Begonia

Suggested Reading for more information:
How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants that Purify your Home or Office by Dr. B.C. Wolverton, Penguin Books

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