Support Yourself at Home and in the Office

Where you position your furniture can help you sleep better, change your outlook on life, help you get more work done, and even affect how others perceive you. In Feng Shui, the Command Position, also known as the Power Position, is used to describe the place in a room or home where a person will feel the most protected and empowered. The Command Position is where you have a view of the door (without being directly in front of the door) and, ideally, a solid wall behind your back (see Diagram). No matter how secure your surroundings are, it’s human nature to feel more protected if you have a solid wall behind you, and therefore relax knowing that you can’t be surprised from behind. Although logically we know it’s very unlikely that someone would approach us from behind and harm us, our survival instincts stop our body and mind from feeling fully relaxed unless we are in a positionwhere we can see who or what is coming toward us.

Try positioning as much of your furniture as possible in the Command Position. Now you won’t be able to place all your furniture so it’s facing the door, so choose furniture where you spend a lot of time and keep in mind it’s particularly important to place your desk chair and bed in Command Position.

Placing desk chairs in the Command Position will allow you to feel more in control and, well, powerful. For example, imagine that you are going to meet a powerful businessperson at his or her office. Now picture yourself entering that person’s office. Are you picturing the person sitting at a desk facing the wall with his back to you? Or are you imagining the person sitting at a large desk facing you when you enter the room. Most likely you’re imagining the latter. Powerful offices are usually arranged so the person sitting at the desk has the most commanding view of the room—just think of the Oval Office. Sitting in the Command Position in your office is also beneficial for two other reasons. First, it allows you to concentrate and focus more fully without being distracted by what is happening behind you, and, second, this position symbolizes facing your opportunities.

Often people who don’t place their desks in Command Position do so to ensure they have a view out a window. Although a view is nice, if your back is to the door, you’re placing yourself in a weak position. If you have a great view from your window, try placing your desk chair where you have both a peripheral view of the window and of the door.

Placing your bed in the command position of the room, with the support of a solid wall behind you, will help you sleep better. If you have a window behind you, get a solid headboard.  Make sure that both you and your partner have a view of the door, but that your feet are not pointed directly at the door. Also, ideally, neither partner has a direct view into the bathroom. If you do have a view of a bathroom, keep the door closed at night. If you can’t place your bed in Command, then place a mirror opposite the door where you can see it while laying in bed. Being able to see the reflection of someone entering the room will compensate for not being in the Command Position.

As much as possible, also place sofas and chairs in Command Position. If you find yourself not using certain rooms or noticing that no one sits in a particular chair—move it into Command and see if there’s a difference—we bet there will be! You and your guests will feel much more comfortable!

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