Change Your Home to Transform Your Love Life

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Laura and Alison, consult with Marnie, a woman looking for love. Did you know that many men and women unknowingly make choices about how to decorate their homes that contribute to their single status?

What we have in our homes, what we choose to surround ourselves with, and how we decorate impact our lives on a daily basis… As we like to say, the objects in our homes are “alive” and “speaking” to us because of our feelings about them or the memories we associate with them. Even the most mundane objects can elicit an emotional response and influence how we feel. When you look at the contents of your home from this point of view, you see why it is essential to live with things that support and reflect your goals—including the goal to be in a loving relationship.

In addition, our homes are in expression of who we are… so when we invite someone to our home, we’re actually telling them a lot about ourselves. You want to ensure that the message your home is sending to your dates is aligned with who you are and what you want!