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The Course



Your home is the foundation on which you build our life, and, therefore, by changing your home you have the opportunity to change your life. As you experience the process of designing your home, you will also experience an inner journey that will help you clarify your goals, resolve or let go of past issues that may be holding you back, set intentions and take action steps to develop a full and meaningful life.

We use an approach to creating a home that we call “Life Design,” which is a combination of Feng Shui principles, life coaching exercises, clutter clearing and decorating tips, and healthy, green home advice to help you positively change and enhance your home and life. Over the years we’ve noticed that many of the people were struggling with one or many aspects of their life. Whether it was career, love, finances, or health, we found that when they changed someone’s homes, their life changed.

We have found that while hearing advice can be helpful, being able to take that advice and physically make a change that will have a direct impact your life on a daily basis can produce significant, long-lasting results. By changing your home, you are changing the foundation from which you operate everyday. If you consciously change that foundation so that it supports your goals, you will positively affect all aspects of your life.

Your home affects the quality of our life, your relationships, and your chances of success and fulfillment. Your home influences your health, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. In many ways, what you “do” to your homes you also “do” to yourself.

This course will teach you:

  • To understand the connection between home and self and use this awareness to improve their lives.
  • Basic, easy to understand Feng Shui principles to improve all areas of your life including: your love life, finances, career, relationships with friends and family, reputation.
  • How to create the home of your dreams.
  • How to manifest dreams by clarifying goals and setting intentions through meditation, visualization, affirmations, visual reminders, and action-steps.
  • How to set up a home that puts them in the best possible position to attract the reach your dreams.
  • How to discover and shift unhealthy patterns and habits by redesigning their space.
  • How to boost self-esteem by living with visual affirmations.
  • How to keep a relationship exciting by creating a bedroom for romance.
  • How to attract new opportunities by creating a powerful front entrance.
  • How to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing by creating optimal energy flow in their home.
  • How to decorate in a way that supports the body, mind’s and spirit by creating a space that looks good and feels good
  • How to create a home will support your family’s health using green materials.


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