My Urban Sanctuary


Laura and I realized it’s been awhile since we posted photos of our own homes—and we’ve both moved since we last posted those pics—so we have lots to share! We thought we’d start with my place (top photo) and then in a few weeks Laura will share some photos of her new home (bottom photo).

We also thought posting pictures of our homes within a few weeks of one another would be fun as we’re living in such different environments these days—it’s kind of a cool contrast. I’m living in a modern apartment made of shipping containers in a busy and funky part of Los Angeles and Laura is living in her new dream home that she just built in a beautiful, quiet mountain town. But whether city or country, you can still create a peaceful sanctuary—so here are some pics of my urban refuge!


VenIMG_1656 VENIMG_1657 VENIMG_1660





  • Kalei Tanner says:

    It’s a real refuge:) Your place looks like an island of peace in the middle of the urban jungle, a real inspiration. Thank you for sharing these photos. Greets!

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